In the vast world of wine, there are certain grape varietals that stand out, captivating wine enthusiasts with their distinct flavours and unique stories. One such grape is Pinotage, a true South African gem. With its fascinating history, exceptional characteristics, flavour profile, and growing international acclaim, Pinotage is slowly flexing its muscle on the world wine stage. 

Pinotage, often referred to as the “flagship” grape of South Africa, has a captivating history that dates back to the early 20th century. It is a crossbreed between Pinot Noir and Cinsault (known locally as Hermitage), created by Professor Abraham Izak Perold in 1925 at Stellenbosch University. Perold’s intention was to combine the elegance and finesse of Pinot Noir with the robustness and disease resistance of Cinsault. 

Kanonkop 1989 Award Winning Pinotage

Kanonkop 1989 Award Winning Pinotage

Initially, Pinotage faced mixed reviews, with some wine critics sceptical of its potential (read our blog on what Renowned Critics say about South African Wine). However, over time, winemakers recognized its unique characteristics and started experimenting with different winemaking techniques. These efforts resulted in a significant improvement in the quality of Pinotage wines, solidifying its place in the South African wine industry. 

Pinotage played a pivotal role in putting South African wines on the global wine map. In the mid-20th century when South Africa faced trade restrictions, Pinotage became a symbol of resilience and innovation within the country’s wine industry. Despite the challenges, winemakers continued to develop and refine Pinotage. 

Kanonkop Wines

Kanonkop Wines , leaders in production of South African Pinotage

Pinotage has thankfully transcended its humble beginnings and is now gaining recognition as an emerging alternate variety. Its unique profile has captured the attention of wine connoisseurs around the globe. South African winemakers, fuelled by a renewed focus on quality and sustainable practices, are producing exceptional Pinotage wines that showcase the grape’s full potential. 

Pinotage is flexing its potential muscle on the world wine stage (read our blog on South African Wine – Competing and Winning on The World Stage), with exports steadily increasing year after year. Its popularity extends beyond South Africa, finding its way onto wine lists and shelves in Europe, the United States, and other wine-loving nations. As wine lovers become more adventurous, seeking out new and exciting flavours, Pinotage offers a distinct and captivating experience. 

Global Wine awards

Global Wine Awards

Pinotage’s rise to prominence is evident in international wine competitions, where it frequently garners prestigious awards. This global recognition further cements its status as a grape variety to be reckoned with. The grape’s unique flavour profile and the dedication of South African winemakers to quality production have propelled Pinotage into the limelight. 

Moreover, Pinotage has demonstrated its ability to adapt to various terroirs outside of South Africa, proving its versatility and potential for excellence across different wine regions. Winemakers in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and the United States have embraced Pinotage, experimenting with its potential and adding their own twist to this distinctive grape. 

Today, Pinotage is celebrated for its ability to produce wines that are bold, robust, expressive, and uniquely South African. The grape’s flavour profile offers a delightful combination of dark berries, ripe plum, and a touch of spice, with a subtle earthiness that adds depth and complexity. These qualities, combined with its versatility in the winery, make Pinotage an exceptional grape for crafting a range of wine styles, from easy-drinking and fruit-forward to complex and age-worthy. As a result, Pinotage is incredibly adaptable to a number of cuisines. ( We have the perfect Pinotage and food pairing to try at home )

South African Pinotage

South African Pinotage

South African winemakers have embraced the potential of Pinotage. The country’s diverse wine regions, such as Stellenbosch, Swartland, and the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, provide a range of microclimates and soil types, allowing winemakers to craft Pinotage wines with a wide spectrum of flavors and styles. From fruit-forward and approachable wines meant for immediate enjoyment to structured and age-worthy expressions that evolve beautifully over time, Pinotage offers something for every palate. 

Many South African vineyards are now embracing organic and biodynamic farming methods, ensuring the health of the land and the expression of the grape’s true potential. These efforts contribute to the overall excellence of Pinotage wines and resonate with environmentally conscious consumers who appreciate the harmony between nature and winemaking. 

Pinotage has morphed from a grape varietal with a slow and staggered start to an emerging alternate variety that commands attention on the world wine stage. Through its captivating history, distinct flavour profile, and growing international acclaim, Pinotage has become synonymous with the excellence and innovation of South African winemaking. As wine lovers seek out new and exciting experiences, Pinotage stands ready to enthral palates around the world, representing some of the best of what the South African wine industry has to offer. 


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